The first thing you need to know about Meraki Hair Team, is that they care. We will never mistreat your hair, but will only show it tons of love. We pride ourselves in our ‘honesty is the best policy’ rule, and once you have sat in our chair you will realise this as you receive you’re in depth consultation complete with information sheets bursting of knowledge to help you understand more about what we are actually doing to your hair. The whole team recognise that hairdressers are always learning, therefore are always on courses to the cities of UK… including Manchester, London, Edinburgh and Glasgow to name a few. Sarah, the Salon Manager is one of only fifteen ‘Matrix Colour Masters’ in Scotland to have received the diploma in Matrix Colouring. Sarah and her team collectively love any challenge and we can assure you, Meraki will never say no – we will simply make a hair plan. Are you excited as we are yet?! Come sit in our chair, we’ll have the best fun.


Upstairs in the beauty area, our gals have thoroughly thought through what they would like to offer to clients, as if they were sitting in the client chair themselves. The Beauty Team are aaaaaalways training, especially in makeup courses where the industry is forever changing. MERAKI has also got their hands on two top of the range Nail Printers which allows you to put any pattern, design or even photos you desire onto your nails – so get those cute we Pinterest images at the ready – cause the beauty team will also never say no! From glitter acrylics to pineapple prints we can cover it all. Within the salon we have a Pro HD Brow Stylist, and a quick look at our Instagram, @merakimacduff will show you her skills – And why not end your MERAKI experience with a relaxing Hot Stone Message – or a Luxury Pedi?! We promise you will always leave feeling a total 10


Come get a tan